Story/Performance Art with Cheryl King

InstructorCheryl King

Ages: Adult (Age 18 and up)

Dates: Stay Tuned for Spring Session!

6 group sessions & two one-on-one sessions (for editing and performance coaching)

Zoom: Instructor will provide instructions prior to class start. Please check in 5 minutes early.

Tuition: $180 (6 student maximum)

Write your own performance piece in 10 steps.

Do you have a story to tell? Then look no further! Our amazing Cheryl King has the 10 things you need to make your story come to life onstage in our brand new class. Get it out of your head and onto paper. Cheryl gives you easy structures that support your story, and lots of angles to approach it.

  1. Share and listen. Read your story, in turn with other participants, and engage in discussions about what works and what doesn’t, and how to revise.
  2. Revise the story and share again, noting improvements and/or changes. Cheryl leads moderated feedback again.
  3. Tell the story. Begin to memorize the story and tell it in the workshop, and get performance feedback from Cheryl.
  4. Begin to refine your performance. In a 30-minute coaching session with Cheryl, you’ll focus on your performance choices, work on rhythms, speed and volume. You’ll take note of your particular best choices in the working session.
  5. Tell the story again. You’ll share your now memorized story with the class, and explore what it feels like. Along with other participants, you’ll discuss your experience.
  6. Revise the story. Once you’ve performed it, you’re likely to want to revise it. Make those choices and share them in the workshop.
  7. Re-memorize the story, bring it to the workshop, and perform it.
  8. Refine your performance. In a 30-minute coaching session with Cheryl, you’ll put the finishing touches on your piece, making small adjustments as needed to performance and writing.
  9. Final performance for friends and family on Zoom. You can invite friends to a Zoom performance with the other members of your workshop. If you wish, we can record it and send you the digital file.

Technical Requirements: Workshop participants will need a strong and reliable internet connection, as well as access to Zoom. They will need a working webcam and mic in order to fully participate. They will need a dedicated space with room to move, minimal interruptions, and freedom to make noise.