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Performance Classes for kids 5-16 years old

Learn the basics of storytelling and how to create the story on stage


6th Street Studio Youth Drama Classes

Safe and in-person performance classes.

Tiny players will love our super fun classes, where they will learn the basics of storytelling and how to create the story on stage. Older kids can learn through rehearsals how to create fantastic characters. These youth players will gain confidence, learn performance techniques and forge new friendships. And teens can elaborate on those skills in our advanced acting technique classes, where they can find their voices on stage as actors.

These winter session performance-based classes are in-person and will follow the current COVID-19 regulations at that time.

In the spring, when the COVID-19 vaccine allows it, we plan to offer a full range of in-person classes for youth and adults.

Performance Classes

I hate Shakespeare

Grades 6-10

Tuesdays & Thursdays
Mar 9-Apr 22, 2021

A hilarious and fast-paced introduction to Shakespeare – with a modern twist.

Bedtime Stories Class

Grades 3-5

Mar 10-May 12, 2021

Create fantastic characters and learn how to shine on stage as actors.

Snippets of Bedtime Stories

Grades K-2

Mar 12-May 14, 2021

A super fun class where we will create our own little play based on your favorite bedtime stories!


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