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Tickets for Kids

Can you imagine growing up and never seeing a play

This is true for many of the  youth in our community.  What’s more, they may live their entire lives without ever seeing a musical onstage, or a comedy, or a drama, or any kind of live theatre.  Too many of the children in the United States live below the federal poverty level, which makes experiencing enriching cultural events such as live theatre an impossibility.  6th Street Playhouse wants to try to do something to change that.

We believe that every child should have the chance to hear the music of a live musical, laugh at a brilliant comedy, or have their imaginations engaged by the magic of a classic story such as Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. We work with many of the organizations in our community to offer FREE TICKETS to their kids, so they can attend a live theatre performance. These organizations serve at-risk youth, kids in foster care, orphans, the abandoned, the homeless, neglected, abused, or otherwise disadvantaged kids in our community.

How You Can Help

6th Street Playhouse offers blocks of 20 tickets to these organizations, which we value at $20 each. You can sponsor or underwrite one of these blocks of tickets with your tax-deductible donation of $400.  Our goal this coming season is to make free tickets available to 2000 kids over the course of our entire season of over 250 performances. For that we have to raise $40,000.

Won’t you help make this possible?  For just $400, 20 kids will have a singular experience that might positively impact their lives.  It will give them a chance to experience something that could inspire them in their lives and give them a dream for their future.

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