Real Women Have Curves

May 12-29, 2022

Josefina López

“… powerful, yet fun and thoroughly enjoyable.”  –Chicago Reader

A heartfelt comedy about the struggles of immigrant Latinas!

Spend a week in the hot, cramped, house-turned-sewing factory of a 34-year-old undocumented immigrant owner in danger of losing her sewing equipment (and being deported) if she can’t make her payments.  

You’ll get to know five very different Latinas who toil to finish an almost impossible order by week’s end to try to save the shop, and their jobs.  

To get through the grueling work they gossip, they dream, they share stories.  Stories of living in the shadows, impossible men folk, fear of that knock on the door, never enough money, and their bodies. Surprisingly, their stories almost always reflect their attitudes about their bodies.   

They also laugh.  And you will too.  The playwright credits the play’s recent resurgence to its comedy. “It deals with a difficult topic in a way that audiences can handle without turning away,” notes López, who worked in such a factory as an undocumented 17-year-old herself.

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Adult/Senior (62+)

Sun 2:00 pm $29/$27
Fri & Sat 7:30 pm $29/$27
Thu 7:30 pm $27/$25
Sat 2:00 pm $27/$25
Preview Thu 7:30 pm $19/$19
Under 30–All performances $18
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