The Legend of Georgia McBride

January 6 - 23, 2022

written by
Matthew Lopez

“Full of sass and good spirits—along with a spritz or two of sentimentality…” —New York Times

A music-filled comedy about finding your true voice!

Picture this: You’re barely making it as an Elvis impersonator in a run-down dive.  You splurge on a pizza, your rent check bounces, again, and your wife’s pissed. Then she announces, “I’m pregnant!”

Work ain’t no picnic either. Your boss wants to save the place so he books a drag show, performed by his cousin (a drag queen) and her cranky companion. You get demoted to bartender.

One night, just before her wacky-on-roller-skates number, the crank flakes out.  “Hey, don’t you know how to lip sync?” asks the boss. Wham, bam, you’re on the stage!

You manage not to blow it, and soon (with some expert tutelage) you find your groove. The money starts rolling in!  Your sequined jumpsuit gives way to a gorgeous gown, and voilá—Georgia McBride is born! 

We’re thrilled to bring you this rare charmer—an homage to the drag queens who mentored the playwright through his own coming out.

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Adult/Senior (62+)

Sun 2:00 pm $35/$33
Fri & Sat 7:30 pm $35/$33
Thu 7:30 pm $32/$30
Sat 2:00 pm $32/$30
Preview Thu 7:30 pm $24/$24
Under 30–All performances $22
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