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Smart People

May 11 – 28, 2023

Monroe Stage

written by Lydia R. Diamond

“…a sexy, serious, and very, very funny modern-day comedy of manners.” —Variety

A Provocative Exposé on the Nature of Prejudice.

Four intelligent, attractive and opinionated Harvard-associated professionals search for love, success and identity while attempting to navigate the intricacies of racial and sexual politics in this whip-smart new play.

Through bright, funny dialogue and fast-paced vignettes, playwright Lydia Diamond brings her quartet of complicated characters to vibrant life.

Jackson, a young African-American surgical resident, who struggles to get along with his superiors, tires himself out running a clinic for uninsured patients.

Ginny, an academic psychologist of Japanese-Chinese heritage, at the extreme end of self-assuredness, studies Asian-American women’s reactions to stress.

Brian, a properly smart and smug White neuroscientist is running into career roadblocks researching the brain’s responses to race and its societal implications.

Valerie, an African-American actor, pays her rent by cleaning houses and working as Brian’s research assistant.

Challenge your assumptions. Step outside your comfort zone. See things from a different perspective. Schedule time to see this play, right away!

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  • Value seats $35
  • Adult $39
  • Senior $37
  • Youth (under 18) $22
  • Thur Adult $34, Senior $32
  • Sun mat $44
  • Previews $24

ADA Seats: If there are no ADA seats online, please contact the Box Office.


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