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October 21 – November 7, 2021
Monroe Stage
written by Leonard Nimoy
based on the play Van Gogh by Phillip Stephens
starring Jean-Michel Richaud
co-directed by Jared Sakren & Paul Stein
… powerful, yet fun and thoroughly enjoyable.” –Chicago Reader
The art and artist as few knew him. Stunning visuals of Van Gogh’s work!
Vincent’s brother Theo enters with a case of many letters the two had exchanged for years. Vincent, at age 37, has just died. Rumors are running rampant—he’s destitute, a madman, a patron of prostitutes, an artist of trifling talent!

Theo, Vincent’s confidant and devoted supporter, is enraged! He hopes that sharing the letters will set the record straight. You feel like a guest in Theo’s home as he reveals not only what the letters say, but gives personal insight into the troubled mind and soul of a great artist.

Throughout the play you’ll see over a hundred projected images that enhance the story and Vincent’s own words of what the paintings meant to him. Sadly, of all he created, only one sold in his lifetime!

We hope this heartbreaking yet tender exposé will expand your appreciation of one of the all-time great painters.

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