Storytelling for Fun 2.0

Letting young imaginations loose on stage!

In Storytelling for Fun, the same team of students created stories on the spot, in Zoom sessions. They learned how to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. Cheryl provided structure and the kids ran with it, with side coaching to help them stay focused. 

We recorded the sessions and Cheryl has built a script from our three story lines. Now, in Storytelling for Fun 2.0 we’ll be putting that story into action on the stage. We’ll begin with acting exercises that stimulate the imagination and reduce performance anxiety. Then we’ll get to work with our scripts, and use improvisation to make it live on stage. As with our first sessions, it’s still all about the action, and the challenge.

Instructor: Cheryl King

Ages: Grades 2-4

Dates: April 8 – May 13, 4:30-6:00 PM

Tuition: $125 (8-student maximum)

Location: 6th Street Studio This class is in-person, socially distanced and masks are required. Temperatures and health surveys will be required before each class to follow our COVID safety procedures.

Learning Goals:

  • Students will develop loosely scripted stories into viable performances.
  • Students will learn how to improvise a story and record it.
  • Students will learn how to be coached while performing.
  • Students will learn how to embody a powerful main character.
  • Students will apply performance skills.

Final Performance: The final session of this class, on May 13, will be a staged reading of the script “Magic Academy” we have been working on. We’ll record it, and will provide students with a private link for later viewing. Parents and family friends are invited to see the reading, in the GK Hardt Theatre, with vaccinations preferred and masks and social distancing requirements in place.