A Tribute to Al Kaplan

6th Street Playhouse wishes to pay our deepest, sincere and heartfelt tribute to one of our most valuable and beloved actors who recently passed on to greater glory. Alan Kaplan was a consummate character actor who graced our stage in so many memorable productions, in so many memorable roles, etching his legacy indelibly in our patrons’ collective memory, and in the memories of all of us who were blessed enough to work with him.

Whether it was as the curmudgeonly title role in Visiting Mr. Green, the role of Doc, the moral center of West Side Story, the sober judge in To Kill A Mockingbird, the farcical Peter Quince in the Shakespeare adaptation FairyWorlds!, or the protagonist’s neighbor Charley in Death of a Salesman, Alan always brought a depth of understanding, a wry humor, great technical skill, and just plain heart to all he portrayed. Perhaps most memorable of all was his portrayal of Jacob Marley in the Playhouse’s perennial production of A Christmas Carol that will be remembered most by our patrons.

Al was as entertaining off the stage as he was on. He had a deep well of experience and was full of love for his craft.  He regularly dropped by our offices to chat about the season, discuss a play he had just read, or, in the grandest spirit of collaboration, to offer suggestions on casting or make recommendations for directors. Al was honest and forthright in his viewpoint because he cared so much about 6th Street Playhouse. The people lucky enough to have shared a stage with Alan Kaplan felt his passion – for them and for the theatre – and we all learned a thing or two about great storytelling in his presence.

Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to Alan’s wife and his family for their loss.

We love you and salute you, Alan, as the great man of the theatre you are, and for how much you have touched our lives so uniquely and indelibly.

“Good-night sweet prince;  and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest”.

Jared Sakren, Current Artistic Director

Craig A. Miller, Former Artistic Director