9 to 5, The Musical

June 2 - 26, 2022

book by
Patricia Resnick

based on the screenplay by
Patricia Resnick and Colin Higgins

music and lyrics by
Dolly Parton

“…Dolly Parton’s retro revenge fantasy is as subtle as a sledgehammer, but its advocacy of workplace equality makes it hard to dislike.” –The Guardian

What a way to make a livin’!

Think back to the time when women were just entering the workforce in large numbers, armed with shoulder pads, perms and pant suits, hopes and expectations.  9 to 5 is a tale of three such women.  

These unlikely co-conspiritors—the super-efficient office manager, a frazzled divorcée and a bombshell Barbie secretary—decide to turn the tables on their ‘sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical, bigoted’ boss.

Victorious, the women sponsor self-help programs, on-site child care, fair pay, flexible hours…ultimately proving themselves to the board of directors.  Thanks to some shoddy accounting they uncover, their nemesis stays mum as he gets his just reward.

9 to 5 is full of great music and funny moments, but it also exposes how much work is left to be done to achieve equality. It’s our hope that when you walk out of the theater humming songs from the show, you just might be moved to take action!

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Adult/Senior (62+)

Sun 2:00 pm $38/$36
Fri & Sat 7:30 pm $35/$33
Thu 7:30 pm $32/$30
Sat 2:00 pm $35/$33
Preview Thu 7:30 pm $24/$24
Value seats (8 per performance) $25/$25
Under 30–All performances $22
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