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6th Street Studio
Education Staff


The North Bay go-to place for actors

At 6th Street Studio, we focus on three things – the fun, the process and the quality.

Our theater education programs help our students grow their social, creative and communication skills. We show them how to find the fun in new situations, to become more aware of themselves and others, and to keep their attention in the right place–the quality of the experience 

COVID Policy
Our policies are changing to reflect California mandates and CDC Guidelines as information is available. Visit our COVID Policy page for more information.

We provide a space to do great things:

Learn and practice new skills. 

Try on new characters and intentions.

Interact with new people in new ways.

Practice empathy by stepping into each other’s shoes.

At 6th Street Studio, you’ll discover new aspects of yourself, and a deeper sense of connection to others.

We offer


Learn how to make new friends

Our students and teachers learn how to practice the “yes,and” of improvisation, how to take chances in a supportive environment. It’s a great place for finding self-awareness and acceptance.

Director Anne Warren Clark

Learn how to do it

Our young actors learn how to sing and dance, how to memorize, how to write their own stories and put them on stage. Fun and challenging.

Learn how to build it

Our students learn how to do things on and off stage. Working with seasoned professionals, they get a taste of the magic and a look at the practical aspects of theatre.


Director of Education

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