Box Office Tech Help

Learn more about buying tickets and subscriptions online.

On this page, you’ll find some helpful tips for using our online ticket purchase system.

Should you need assistance, please contact the Box Office at We check our Box Office email on a steady basis.You can leave a voicemail at (707) 523-4185 anytime. We have a live operator available Wed-Fri, 1:00-5:30 pm.

How to Log into Our Ticketing System & Password

When you are purchasing a ticket, our system will ask you to log in if you have purchased tickets previously or you may checkout as a guest and create a log in after purchasing your subscription or ticket.

View Account Before Making a Purchase or Without Making a Purchase

To log in before making a purchase or without making a purchase, click here and go to the top of the web page, click the sign-in option at the top of the page.

Sign into ticket account

View Account While Making a Purchase

When purchasing a subscription or a ticket, you will be asked to log in or purchase as a guest with a later option to create an account.
Log into account

Account Password

Don’t worry if you don’t know your password. Click “I don’t know my password” below the log in section.

Account Credits

If you have an account credit in our system from a refund, you can now find that credit by logging into our ticketing system, or when purchasing a ticket.

*For 2019-2020 cancellations due to the pandemic, account credits were only issued to patrons requesting a credit in response to our survey in the spring 2020. If you did not complete our survey requesting a credit or ticket donation, please contact the Box Office for assistance.

How to View Account Credit from Account Profile

If you log into your account, at the bottom of your profile in our ticketing system, you will see your available account credit.

View account credit in profile

How to View Account Credit When Making a Purchase

When you are completing your purchase, if you have an available account credit, it will show on the checkout screen. Click the + to see your available credit and apply it to the purchase. The system will display the account credit applied. If additional funds are needed to cover your purchase, you can enter your payment details as well.

Account credit at checkout
Account credit amount available at checkout

How to Use a Promo Code

To apply a promo code, please enter the code below the shopping cart section at checkout. Promo codes are not case sensitive.

Remember to click the “apply” button for the discount to reflect in your cart.

How to apply a promo code

How to Buy Any 6+ (on sale June 21)

2. You’ll see the All 10 offerings. Scroll down under that until you see the Any 6+ Title.

3. In the Any 6 section, select the shows you want. You must choose at least 6 shows, but you are welcome to choose up to 10. Then click checkout.

4. A page with the first show in the package (Love, Loss and What I Wore) appears. Select the seat you wish to purchase. Note the blue box. It will say you have 0 tickets in the cart. That refers to this show only. (Don’t worry, If you have already added other show tickets to your cart, they will remain in your cart.This 0 figure represents THIS show only.) 

5. Select the ticket price type for the seat. Click checkout.

6. The next show in the package appears. Repeat process 4-5. Do this until you have seats for every show you want in your cart.

7. When seats for all the shows you have chosen are selected, the final checkout page appears, displaying all the shows, seats, and discounted prices. You can log in at the bottom. Should you wish to offer a donation, that option will also be there at checkout. Put in your payment information, accept the terms and conditions, click Pay Now, and you’re done. You’ll receive an email confirmation with all your e-tickets included. 

How to find your tickets or check your account credits.

Patrons can locate tickets and any other account information by logging in to their 6th Street Account.
All ticket confirmations for live and virtual performances are listed in your account.

Click on the little person icon to log in, or click your name if you are already logged in. Then click “my account.” Tickets for live performances are at the top, then virtual tickets, then address and account credit.