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The River Bride / La Novia del Río

previews November 3

Monroe Stage

written by Marisela Treviño Orta

“The River Bride is a haunting and beautifully constructed theatrical experience.” —Bill Choy, SiskiyouDaily.com

Three days before a wedding, a handsome and mysterious man is fished from the Amazon River. Set once upon a time in a small Brazilian fishing village, The River Bride is a tale of true love, regret and two sisters who struggle to be true to each other and their hearts.

A secret that the river does not divulge
Once upon a time, in a fishing village along the Amazon, there lived two sisters struggling to find their “happily ever after.” Helena is dreading her sister Belmira’s wedding. The groom, Duarte, should have been hers. And she knows that her sister only wants to escape their sleepy Brazilian town for an exciting new life in the city. But three days before the wedding, fishermen pull a mysterious stranger out of the river – a man with no past who offers both sisters an alluring, possibly dangerous future.

Brazilian folklore and lyric storytelling blend into a heartrending tale of true love, regret, transformation, and the struggle to stay true to your family while staying true to yourself.

Un secreto que el río no divulga
Helena le siente aprensión a la boda de su hermana. El novio, Duarte, debería haber sido suyo. Y sabe que su hermana, Belmira, sólo quiere escaparse del soñoliento pueblo brasileño para una nueva vida emocionante en la ciudad. Pero tres días antes de la boda, pescadores sacan del río a un misterioso desconocido – un hombre sin pasado que les ofrece a las dos hermanas un futuro seductor, posiblemente peligroso.

En este estreno mundial, el folklore del Amazonas y la narración lírica de cuentos se combinan en una historia angustiosa de amor, envidia y transformación… y el siempre-presente río, regalando y quitando.

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  • Adult $39
  • Senior $37
  • Youth (under 18) $22
  • Thur Adult $34, Senior $32
  • Sun mat $44
  • Previews $24

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