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Smart People

May 11 – June 4, 2023

Monroe Stage

written by Lydia R. Diamond

“…a sexy, serious, and very, very funny modern-day comedy of manners.” —Variety

It seems that issues of self-awareness, identity, and race are stumbling blocks that even “smart people” can’t seem to avoid.

On the eve of Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Election, four hyper-intelligent Cambridge residents find that — despite their best intentions upon broaching the subject — the topic of race is a treacherous one, full of stumbles and wrong turns.

Brian, a neuroscientist, is studying the brain’s responses to race and its societal implications.

Ginny, a psychiatrist, is studying low-income Asian-American women’s reaction to stress.

Jackson, a young doctor, has opened a clinic for low-income patients.
Valerie, a talented actor, is struggling to make ends meet by working as a maid.

Through bright, funny dialogue and fast-paced vignettes, playwright Lydia Diamond (Broadway’s Stick Fly) sets brings her quartet of complicated characters to vibrant life.

Show Information

  • Adult $39
  • Senior $37
  • Youth (under 18) $22
  • Sun mat $44

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