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Smart People: A Brilliant Response

Four Harvard-associated professionals search for love, success and identity while attempting to navigate the intricacies of racial and sexual politics.

“I loved the show! So wonderfully staged, directed, lit and acted… it really made me think, laugh and cry too. It confronted racism with truth and compassion, allowing me to think about my internal biases without feeling ashamed. I felt uplifted when I left, not hopeless as racism often makes me feel- we are all human and imperfect, all trying to be honest, seen and given a respectful place in our world.”—Melena Moore, Sebastopol

Smart People
Smart People
A Provocative and Humorous Exposé on the Nature of Prejudice.
May 11 – 28, 2023
Smart People

Ginny Yang is a prickly, self-assured psychology professor with a shopping habit studying patterns of self-limiting behavior in Asian American women. Played by Jenni Kim-Etimos

Smart People

Valerie Johnston, an actor, meets discrimination and type-casting in her theatrical career. She pays rent by cleaning houses and working as a research assistant. Played by Bethiah Benson

Smart People

Brian White is a Harvard professor of neuroscience. His recent study has found that a negative response to racial differences is hardwired into the human brain. Played by Marcus Peterson-Spain

Smart People

Jackson Moore is a surgical intern who struggles with white supervisors disparaging his decisions. He runs a clinic for low-income people in Chinatown. Played by Keene Hudson

This play contains strong language and explicit sexual activity.

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