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Scrooge in Love


GK Hardt Theater

book by Duane Poole
music by Larry Grossman
lyrics by Kellen Blair
directed by Jared Sakren
choreography by Joseph Favalora
music direction by Ginger Beavers

Last Season’s Patrons LOVED Scrooge in Love!

“…The show put a smile on my face and tears of joy in my eyes!”

“Clever, witty, upbeat!”

“Wonderful presentation on love, family, and care for others.”

“Good wholesome holiday entertainment.”

“So good we saw it twice!”

Photo by Eric Chazankin from Scrooge in Love ’21

One year after Scrooge’s redemption, his ghosts have a new goal for him—to find love!

When we last left Ebenezer Scrooge, the grumpy old miser had become a loving, generous, kind human being with the aid of ghosts who visited him one Christmas Eve, each teaching him valuable lessons.

Exactly one year later, once again the ghosts of past, present, and future come calling. This time not to scare Scrooge into generosity—but instead to entice him out of loneliness and into love.

You see, when he was young and poor, Scrooge was deeply in love with a beautiful woman, Belle. Sadly, she broke off their engagement when she felt Scrooge loved money more than he loved her.

Is it too late for him to rekindle his one true love and convince Belle of a second chance?

Both side-splitting and hopelessly romantic, Scrooge in Love is the perfect holiday show for all ages—and soon to be a cherished tradition!

If you haven’t already seen it…

Trailer by Mike Davis from Scrooge in Love ‘21

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